Family Photo Outfit Guide for Northern Wisconsin Family Photos

Family Photo Outfit Guide for Northern Wisconsin Family Photos

Capturing memorable family moments through photographs can be a delightful experience. However, the process, with cranky kids, bustling schedules, and coordinating outfits, might seem overwhelming. Over the years, We’ve mastered the art of getting our family ready for these photo sessions without too much hassle, but there have been tears from both the children and the parents. Katie and I have gathered valuable tips on achieving stunning family photos, from selecting coordinated outfits to keeping the kids cheerful throughout the shoot.

Family photos are invaluable keepsakes, particularly as time swiftly passes, especially with little ones. Investing in these memories is something you won’t regret. Dive into the guide to elevate your next family photo session joyfully and easily!

We like scheduling lifestyle family sessions during the “Golden Hour,” just after sunrise or right before sunset, as it offers warm and flattering light. Also, factor in your children’s best behavior times—some kids function better in the morning, while others are more cooperative in the afternoon. Additionally, we recommend ensuring your kids are well-fed; a hungry child could disrupt the session.

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Coordinating Outfits

Gone are the days of matching denim or khaki outfits! Contemporary family photo attire leans towards a more subtle, coordinated appearance. Begin by selecting a color palette that complements your chosen location and the style you desire.

For rustic woodsy Wisconsin settings, earthy tones suit the fall season beautifully, while lake locales harmonize with creams, light blues, and tans to complement the scenery.

In-home photos work well with neutrals, avoiding overly bright or dark colors. Limit patterns to soft, smaller designs rather than bold and large ones. A mix of subtle florals, soft plaid, or small dots and stripes adds interest without overwhelming the visuals. Consider the season too; lighter neutrals and pastels work well for spring and summer, while earthy tones like camel, rust, or olive green are suitable for fall and winter.

Tips for Photographing Kids

Ensuring your children are well-rested and fed is crucial for a successful family photo session. Hungry or tired kids often lead to challenging situations. Pack snacks and prepare in advance.

For babies or toddlers, please bring a personal favorite toy to distract them, possibly making a charming appearance in some photos. We recommend bringing toys, and making them part of the session, which added an authentic touch to your recent photos. We happen to like wood or vintage items. Consider making the session an event by promising a treat like ice cream or hot cocoa afterward—a little incentive can work wonders.

Dress your kids in their photo outfits at the last moment to avoid any mishaps or tears. Prepare a “go bag” for each child with necessary accessories, dressing them just before the shoot begins.

Family Photos

Are you feeling ready to embrace that long-delayed family photo session? These pictures will be cherished for years to come. With a touch of patience and by following these tips and tricks, a successful outcome is almost guaranteed. Who knows, you might even turn this into an annual tradition. We love watching our clients’ families grow each year!



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