Adam & Markki’s Vibrant Northern Wisconsin Wedding Celebration at Rondele Ranch

A Love Story for the Ages

Adam and Markki’s journey together began in the hallways of their middle school, where their friendship blossomed into a love story that has spanned eight incredible years. High school sweethearts turned soulmates, their bond was cemented with a romantic proposal during a family vacation in the Bahamas in February 2023. Their wedding day at the stunning Rondele Ranch in Harshaw, Wisconsin, was a celebration of their enduring love, vibrant personalities, and the bright future they are eager to build together.

The Venue

The picturesque Rondele Ranch served as the perfect backdrop for Adam and Markki’s wedding. Nestled near Harshaw, Wisconsin, this beautiful venue offered a serene and enchanting setting for both the ceremony and reception. The natural beauty of the ranch, combined with the couple’s bold and joyful decor, created an atmosphere filled with love and celebration.

The Ceremony and Reception

The couple exchanged their vows in a heartfelt ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends. The reception, held under a beautifully decorated tent on the ranch, was a vibrant celebration of their union. The colors of the day—pinks, oranges, and greens—reflected the couple’s fun-loving and spirited personalities, bringing a burst of life and energy to every detail.

The Dress

Markki looked stunning in her dress from Grace Loves Lace, a design that perfectly captured her elegance and unique style. The intricate lace details and flowing silhouette of her gown made her look like a vision straight out of a fairy tale.

Florals and Decor

The floral arrangements by Green Bee Floral Designs added a touch of natural beauty to the event. With a mix of vibrant blooms and lush greenery, the florals complemented the wedding’s color palette and enhanced the overall aesthetic. The decor, provided by Dream Lighting Company, included romantic lighting that set the mood for an unforgettable evening.

Invitations & Stationery

Sun Printing crafted beautiful invitations and stationery for the event, incorporating the wedding colors and themes to give guests a preview of the celebration to come.

The Bridal Party

The bridesmaids wore dresses from Reverly, each in styles that flattered and unified them beautifully with the wedding’s vibrant theme. The groomsmen and groom looked dapper in their attire from Men’s Wearhouse, perfectly coordinated to match the elegance of the occasion.


The couple exchanged rings from Jim Kryshak Jewelers, symbolizing their eternal commitment to each other. These exquisite pieces of jewelry were a testament to their enduring love and the promise of a lifetime together.

Hair & Makeup

Salon 412 provided hair and makeup services for the bridal party, ensuring that everyone looked their best. The stylists created looks that were both elegant and timeless, enhancing the natural beauty of each person.

Catering and Desserts

The delicious catering was provided by B&S Bar in Medford, WI, offering a feast that delighted all the guests. The delectable desserts were courtesy of Jojo’s Sweets and Treats, with a variety of sweet treats that added a touch of indulgence to the celebration.


Audio Train Entertainment kept the energy high with music that had everyone dancing throughout the night. Their professional service and great selection of tunes made the evening unforgettable.

Special Moments

The couple’s first dance to “Nothing Can Change This Love” by Sam Cooke was a highlight of the evening. The lyrics, “If I go a million miles away I’d write a letter each and every day ‘Cause honey, nothing, nothing can ever change this love I have for you,” perfectly encapsulated their unwavering love and commitment.

The Future

Adam and Markki are excited to embark on their new journey as husband and wife. They dream of exploring the world together, creating unforgettable memories in every corner of the globe. With three fur babies already part of their family, they look forward to expanding their family and filling their home with even more love and laughter.

Adam and Markki’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love, filled with vibrant colors, heartfelt moments, and a sense of joy that will last a lifetime. As they step into their future together, they carry with them the love and support of their family and friends, ready to embrace every moment with passion and love.




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