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Amherst Engagement | Kayla & Justen

I have been holding onto these engagement photos since last fall. Kayla and Justen will be getting hitched this October, however, for their engagement they included two very special people, Kayla’s grandma and Justen’s grandpa. Within a few months of these photos being taken, Kayla’s grandma passed away. So often when we plan a wedding we think about all the small details, the flowers, the invitations, the table settings, and the list goes on, but what we sometimes forget is that the people are the greatest and most important details at your wedding! In the end, all the accessories you spend months planning and designing will fade, but your friends and family who share your day and life with you will last much longer and should have much greater meaning and value. The greatest part is they are free, but you only get them for a little while. So I encourage you to cherish your loved ones. Your wedding will come and go, but your family and your marriage is for life. Keep what is most important in your life first and foremost and let the rest simple enhance your already beautiful life. If you are a bride or groom who love your grandparents as much as Katie and I do, we would love to chat!

Fall Central Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

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