Favorite Bridal Party Photos

Photographing Bridal Parties is one of the most intimidating aspects of wedding photography. How good are you at speed dating? You have 30 seconds to make them like you or at the very least listen to you. If you can do that then you have to make them smile or even better have a good time! People are more interested in how you make them feel and the experience you offer for the short 30 minutes to an hour than the ‘quality’ of images you produce. If you can combine fun, beauty, and speed to your bridal party photos people are not going to forget their experience with you.

For Katie and I, we generally attract outgoing, down-to-earth, laidback couples who have friends and family who know that their wedding photographs mean a great deal to them. Very often our couples request that their guests put their phones and cameras away so they can simply be present. Your bridal party is there to enhance their overall joy and excitement for the day. While I take the lead when it comes to bridal party photos, Katie is able to capture the in-between moments that happen on the side. These tend to me some of my most favorite images when culling through a wedding. Ideally, we like to overlap our coverage as much as possible. When Katie isn’t photographing the reception site directly after the ceremony, she is alongside me with her trusty 50mm.

A suggestion to our couples would be to come with ideas of where you would like to go and give us the freedom and time to create some great candid and posed bridal party images. We love suggestions and Pinterest boards to get a feel for the types of images the really speak to you as a person. For us, we like images that feel natural and unforced, yet have a stylized feel. Movement and location are really key. We like to shoot portraits a few hours before the sun goes down. As you can image, during the midday it can be difficult, especially for those who are sensitive to light or the heat. We want to keep everyone looking a feeling great. Secondly, we don’t want you to feel like your entire wedding day was spent in front of us! We like efficiency and truly want to focus on the two of you! Those are the photos that are going to grace your home and fill your album. Let’s make some fun memories and ensure that everyone has a great time. Wedding photography isn’t what it use to be!




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