Destination Wedding? Tips to Help You Find The Perfect Location.


Tips to Find the Perfect Destination for Your Wedding

There are a lot of details, both big and small, to consider when planning a wedding. The ceremony, the dress,  the menu for the reception. But if you’re planning a destination wedding, the biggest question is the most obvious – where are you going to go?

Finding the perfect destination for your wedding involves some careful consideration and may mean making a few compromises. You may have some creative and exotic ideas and dreams, but unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll probably need to think realistically at some point along the way. To help get you on the right track, here are some handy thoughts and tips on finding the perfect destination for your wedding.

What’s your style?

A perfect destination should be one that matches your personal tastes, and reflects what you like to do. Think about it – if you’re both avid outdoors people, which destination suits you better: a country inn in the mountains of Utah, or a trip to California? Remember, first and foremost, that you want surroundings that you’re both comfortable and happy in. And really, won’t those mountains in the background look better in the wedding imagery too?

How big is the guest list?

If your wedding guest list includes a lot of people (and you really want them to be there), you’ll need to choose a destination that’s practical for them to travel to. If your wedding guest list is smaller, you’ll have a lot more flexibility in your choice of destinations.

What’s your budget look like?

Most wedding planners and guides will tell you that the first thing to consider in wedding planning isn’t the dress, the photographer, flowers, or wedding video editing. It’s the budget. Its good advice and especially important when you’re considering a destination. It’s simple math, of course. If you want the beach for your wedding, price makes the difference between a secluded Carribean resort or the Gulf coast. Both can serve, but your budget will, by necessity, be a big part of the decision you’ll make.

Consider the season

A tropical paradise may seem like the perfect place for a special wedding, but if you put it in the wrong season you may find yourself sweltering and swatting insects rather than enjoying the sunset (even the best editing might have trouble cutting all of that out!) Find out the best seasons for your destination before you settle on the destination and date. Of course, remember that the best season will probably be the busiest, which brings us to the next point…

Consider availability

Be realistic and plan ahead. It’s important to realize that popular wedding venues and resorts may be completely booked a year or more in advance. As you’re considering your potential destinations, create a short list of your favorite, plus some backups. You don’t want to get your heart completely set on one particular destination and have your hopes dashed when you get the bad news that it isn’t available when you want it.

Consider any special requirements

Choosing a destination for your wedding can make the event special, but it also means that important parts of your wedding, like wedding & photo & video editing and more, may be out of control of local professionals you would have had a chance to interview and work with before the ceremony. Check reviews from others that have used the destination and see what you can find out about the wedding professionals you may need to work with at the destination





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