Enchanted Barn Wedding photos

Enchanted Barn Engagement | Zach & Erin

After a few cancelations due to weather, I finally was able to make the hike up to Chetek / Hillsdale to capture Zach & Erin’s engagement session. Zach’s grandmother’s cabin, which he spent many a summer, was a perfect location filled with great memories and ‘Mr. Mouse’ – one of the biggest Wisconsin mouse on record. Zach and Erin took advantage of the cool weather and caught up on some genuine snuggle time on the dock. After grandma and mom fed us a doughnut, we headed to Hillsdale to visit The Enchanted Barn, where their July wedding will be taking place. I learned a valuable lesson before the wedding, Erin isn’t the biggest fan of horses, and so riding one on the wedding day might be out of the question. These were not your ordinary horses; they were some pretty robust draft mules.
Katie and I can’t wait to capture their Rustic Wisconsin Barn Wedding, which just so happens to include my brother.

Thanks for allowing to us to capture these intimate moments with the two of you! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store ☺


Enchanted Barn Wedding photos


Enchanted Barn Photos



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