flowers of the field outdoor wedding photos

Flowers of the Field Outdoor Wedding | Kelly & Dustin

My dear friend married the man of her dreams this past weekend at Flowers of the Field in Mosinee, Wisconsin. It isn’t every day you get to photograph one of your best friend’s weddings from high school and it comes with a little added nervousness. However, Kelly and Dustin are a couple who were set on marrying each other and the rest was just an added bonus. They wanted their friends and family to have a good time and be a witness to the start of their marriage. For them, family means a great deal and it is a huge part of who they are and who they hope to be. Being a witness to their parent’s love for each other and their children on their wedding day was an emotional site to behold. Kelly, a literary genius and English teacher, quoted Emily Brontë in her heat-felt vows to her husband. If there is moment during a wedding day that Katie and I love the most, it is the vows. It is truly is the culmination of what may be years in the making and it is over in a matter of seconds. Their words, a promise to be the best of friends no matter what God plans for them, will last a lifetime.

I am humbled, proud, and thrilled all at the same time to have been able to play a small part in their wedding. I know their marriage will be filled with so many meaningful days and special occasions ahead.



flowers of the field outdoor wedding photos

Central Wisconsin Wedding – James Stokes Photography

Ceremony: Flowers of the Field Mosinee, WI |  Reception: Great Dane Pub |  Hair: Studio 2827 Plover, WI 



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