Lindsey & Geoff {Vesper Wedding}

Geoff & Lindsey were married this past June in Vesper at Trinity Lutheran Church. They have been friends of ours for some time, they have been together as long as we have known them. We have shared a few late night adventures and fond memories with these two. This day was beautiful and went on without a hitch, well, almost. Unfortunately, their limo caught fire, fortunately, it was replaced and no one was hurt. Instead of replacing it with another limo, the company sent a huge coach bus instead. How’s that for customer service? Every wedding has something go wrong whether there is a torrential downpour or there is an OCD church director with a phone book list of rules and regulations or you are a half hour out from the ceremony and the pastor tells you that you must remain at the very back of the church the whole ceremony!!! The joys of wedding photography are endless, but no matter what challenges life throws you on your big day (photographer or otherwise), remind yourself two people are getting married today- AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! So often we get caught up in the ‘perfection’ of the day, that we miss the reality that life and love is messy and not every moment is perfection. Sometimes the kitchen starts on fire or the limo for that mater (Thank GOD we have each other in those moments and HIM). Lindsey and Geoff have each other and these memories and more to share for a lifetime. I will remember the way they looked at each other as Lindsey was walked down the isle by her father. Both of them were beaming and thrilled to be committing their lives to one another not just when life is flawless and the they look beautiful with their friends and family are all around them supporting them, but their lives when there is drywall all over the house and you have to bathe in the sink and your mother-in-law is driving you nuts! Congratulations my friends to 4 months of marriage, may you be granted a life of memorable moments growing and laughing together! Celebrate the small things and each other. With love, J+K

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Ceremony: Trinity Lutheran Church Vesper, WI Reception: Clearwater’s Hotel and Convention Center Marshfield, WI



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