Newborn baby in pod

Handcrafted Wooden Newborn Props, Vinyl Decals, & Handmade Baskets | Northwoods Newborn Photographer | Baby Anderson

Anderson was welcomed into the world just over a week ago. I had the pleasure of traveling up to Westboro this past week to photograph baby Anderson. It just so happens that his father is an incredibly talented craftsman who also is the head media director at Camp Forest Springs, who creates newborn props for photographers as well. Needless to say, I am thrilled with how these images turned out. It can be a little nerve racking photographing another’s photographer and or his children. Very excited to be featuring his work in this post; stay tuned in the future for more of his handmade wood newborn props in the future.

Anderson’s mother sells Vinyl Wall Decor seen in this post! In addition to both of Anderson’s parents being ‘crafty entrepreneurs,’ his grandmother also owns and runs her own basketweaving  company. Special shout out to my Mother-in-law for making the Newborn Pod!

Newborn baby in pod Central Wisconsin Newborn Photographer Bedroom Family shoot Lifestyle in home portraits photo James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer5 James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer6 mom with newborn baby photo black and white baby photo baby yawning photo James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer10 James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer11 black and white baby photo with dad dad with baby photo Central Wisconsin Newborn Photographer Central Wisconsin Newborn Photographer James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer16 Vinyl Decals for the wall photo  James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer18 James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer19 James-Stokes_Wisconsin-newborn-photographer20 sleeping newborn on log newborn props newborn props newborn on minature bed photo newborn props newborn props Baby sleeping on doll bed photo newborn props



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