Rothchild Pavilion winter wedding bride and groom kissing in pine trees

Winter Wonderland Rothschild Pavilion Wedding | Josh & Justine

Sometimes you just know. I think that was the case with Justine and Josh and I know it was the case for us. When I first met them atop Rib Mountain, I knew they were the perfect fit for us and would celebrate their love and union in a beautiful way. Well, that was such an understatement. Rothschild Pavilion served as the perfect wedding venue for their winter nuptials and reception.

Their wedding was the best way to start 2014 and we were so honored to be a witness to their vows amidst the ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the sea of friends and family. With Christ as the center of their marriage, Josh and Justine, instead of lighting a unity candle, painted a heart together. It was such a unique and touching example of how two become one.

Justine, with the help of her sister, mother, and dear cousins arranged all the decorations. Many of the creations were DIY projects and the bride herself created nearly everything. There was so much thought and talent that went into the details of this wedding. The bouquet was hand-made and was by far one of the most beautiful. The programs were made to look like the literary works of Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author and poet, who served as inspiration for their fairy tale themed wedding. Justine’s beauty truly is legendary it was hard to not want to photograph just her the entire day. Josh made the perfect prince Charming and in every way is the classic gentleman young girls dream of marrying. All around, their story and their wedding is straight out of a fairy tale and we can’t wait to see how their journey continues in the many years to come!

Josh and Justine were able to suffer the cold for a few short minutes together outside for some warming couple shots while guests enjoyed a hot chocolate and a potato bar. Vegan and gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, chocolate goodies, and more was bestowed upon all who were in attendance. With the #jjhappyeverafter guests could help document their day via instagram. I personally thought this was sheer genius and the alternative to leaving cameras on the tables. It is incredible to see how things have changed in such a short time.  Will our children discover our digital past and will our Facebook timelines become the new family album?

I hope this couple will cherish these images always and create hundreds of photographs from these digital images, but more importantly value each other and be reminded of the day they gave each other to the promise of fidelity and marriage.

Thank you for allowing us to capture your first day as husband and wife,


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Caterer: A Spoonful of Batter, Rockman’s Catering

Dress Store: Brandi’s Bridal Galleria

DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Tailor Made Stamps

Winter Rothschild Pavilion Wedding in Wausau, WI Central Wisconsin Wedding



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