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Love is our greatest Adventure!

If there is anything Katie and I have learned over the course of our marriage, it is that love is dangerous. It is uncertain, messy, and complicated – it requires sacrifice and compromise. This isn’t a message we hear often in our culture or even during a commitment ceremony. There are famous words quoted and bible verses read, but what does any of it really mean? Can any words really prepare us for what lies ahead?

Love, like a hike up a rocky mountain, takes hard work, preparation, perseverance, and a the right equipment, but most of all it needs endurance. The type of endurance that is steadfast and determined to reach the top. We’re not always sure of what we will discover on our journey, but we know that what we will be shown is better than staying at the bottom looking up only imagining the incredible view.

For those who reach the top – enduring the climb together, there is a great reward! In part, it is the life we dream of – that of growing old together, seeing our children have incredible adventures, and seeking their own mountains to climb. But when we look back down the path that brought us here what do we see?

For us, we see mistakes. Our failures – our skinned knees, backsliding, and rockslides. In our brokenness, our oneness – there is beauty. It is part of a story woven in grace and rooted in Truth that surpasses all understanding. “For two are better than one.” It is in  this design that we seek after the one we want to spend our life with – the one we would die for – the person we’re desperately trying to become.

This feels heavy. A weight beyond which any of us are capable. How can we ever measure up – filling the needs of another? Our souls long for something – Someone greater. We seek because we were made to search – made to climb – made to follow. It is written on our hearts. It is more than a feeling or an obligation, somehow it is hardwired into every fiber of who we are. Marriage is a covenant, a promise, that while there is breath, we continue to point each other upward towards the prize.

As you begin your journey together, we encourage you to prepare for an incredible adventure – you’re in this together and you’re part of a story bigger than ourselves filled more beauty than we ever could imagine.


Special Thanks to Jake Andersen & Forest Springs for allowing us to shoot on location.



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