Utah Stylized Shoot

Utah Styled Lifestyle Shoot | Stokes Girls

These three sisters just so happen to be my cousins. I like to think of Emery County as my home away from home. Half of my family lives here and these are my where my family tree takes its roots. There is something about waking up and seeing mountains to the west and desert to the east. Utah is truly unlike any place on earth, this includes the people. There is something in the water here or maybe it is their mixed Danish/English/Welsh/Irish/Scottish/Swiss/German/Icelandic pioneer heritage that can attest to not only their unique beauty but also their enduring work ethic and dedication to family. When the girls aren’t striving to become doctors, fighting fires, chasing owls, rodeo-ing, raising horses, showing sheep, solving crime scenes, watering fields, or modeling on the side, they can be found somewhere between Cedar City, Utah and the Colorado boarder driving.

I am honored to share my last name with three as I am for all my family in the west. Growing up, it was photographs that helped me feel connected to a family I only saw once every few years. Now that all my family is on one side of the Wasatch Mountains, it makes it a little easier to see them all in one trip. Katie and I look forward to visiting again very soon, and who know, maybe one day we will have a vacation home in the Mountains. It helps to dream.

Our plan are to head to Emery County this spring, with the hopes of teaming up with another cousin of mine , who just so happens to be a photographer herself, to photograph local families and seniors. Would sure love to photograph a wedding out here soon! I might have to wait a little while longer to see one of these three ties the knot.



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