“What should we wear on an engagement shoot, where should we go?”

I am often asked, “What should we wear on an engagement shoot, where should we go?” This is both a logical and difficult question to answer, however, there are a few simple rules that I suggest. Sessions last 1.5hr- 2.5 hours, based on location and conditions. Couples should dress in layers and bring roughly 2-3 outfits. You should think of your time with me as more of a date with each other rather than a photo shoot. I am just along for the ride capturing the emotion and the story you share. Brings smiles, not so much directed at me, but at each other; laughing, joking, flirting, and kissing are strongly suggested. What are your favorite things to do? What was your first date? How did he propose? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when trying to think about where you would like to encapsulate your engagement in a nutshell. I am to shoot engagement in the early morning or mid to late evening- 2 hours before sundown, gives us a possibility of getting a sunset and ‘sweet light.’
• Go on a picnic by the lake (Docks and Canoes are a bonus.)
• Take a stroll in the park with your favorite four-legged friend.
• Bring your vintage bikes out for spin near your ‘lover’s lane’.
• Have an old Polaroid Camera? Bring it along!
• The options are unlimited, and the location it totally up to you. I am willing to try just about anything!
• Old buildings, farms, & archaic ruins make for great contrast and griping photos.
Now, back to what should you wear?
• Most importantly, you should wear something that is you!
• Secondly, wear clothes that are comfortable. More than likely you will be moving around.
• Think about wearing layers, jackets, hats, and accessories are recommended.
• Do not completely match, but consider complementing your attire. Women are just naturally good at this, but if you have a question I will do my best 
• Suggestion: A touch dressier than your usual can make for some great invitations, but do not out dress each other.
• Dark colors are slimming; however, vibrant colors and contrast can compliment a setting.
• Patterns tend to go out of style and can date your photos within a year. If you are going for a vintage look, look at photos of your grandparents and add a modern twist. This can be quite fun!
• If you bring a pet, it would work best if you have someone to sit them while they are not in the shot.
• Wear shoes that are comfortable, or at least bring some along, there is a good chance we will be walking to different locations.
Lastly, just have fun- and be open to try new things!
Can’t wait to work with you,

James G. Stokes



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