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2013 | Wisconsin Wedding Moments Worth Remembering

For me, sometimes it feels like the only moments I remember are those I have seen in photographs. These are the times that feel the most real, like they just happened and time really did stand still for that one 1/60th of a second.

When searching the Internet for wedding images, it is often the same types of photographs we see; the dress, the shoes, the details, the rings, the bouquet etc., And while we love these photos, (they are some of the most fun to capture because it forces us to think creatively and attempt new things) they make up such a small part of a wedding story.

What rarely makes it on blogs, Pinterest, and photographer websites are the in- between, sometimes not so pretty, not-stylized, real-life moments – you know the ones that make you laugh, cry, and remember what it felt like in that fleeting instance.

What moments do you want to remember?

In our living room there is a picture of our children simply being kids, one is crying one is laughing, one is being silly, and one is looking questioningly into the camera. Across the top of the canvas is the quote,

“If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh

It is a phrase I have come to embrace as my mantra for parenthood – life-hood and one I take with me on a wedding day. By allowing ourselves to be in the moment, rather than separate from the experience, simply observing, controlling, analyzing, – we are free to richly exist within an experience and the phenomenon that is a wedding. I believe this takes a certain amount of emotional investment in our work and an ideology that seeks to shoot not only for our clients, but also for ourselves.

What are the moments we would want to remember?

I believe this is where a style is born. It is so much more than the ‘look’ of an image or even the way we use our camera. It supersedes both of these things and begins with our own personal experiences and the way we view the world.

Many of these photographs are in black and white; I have always been drawn to simplicity of BW film. Kodak 400TX film could be found in my camera over 50% of the time when I was growing up with my Pentax K1000. Sometimes color can distract us from what is really happening in the photograph. Often colors come with their own emotions; black and white timeless moments cause us to truly see the image for what it is. It might be that I grew up falling in love with my grandparents snap shots that cause me to be drawn to these types of images time and time again.

So in 2014, I want to continue to stay true to myself and shoot more images likes these.

father hugging bride at wedding

When your father gave you this hug


Apple tree lane wedding venue outdoor wisconsin wedding

When he saw you for the first time

Rib Mountain Wausau Wisconsin Wedding

When your sister-in-law shocked you on the dance floor

Eau Claire Wedding at baseball park photos

When you threw the opening pitch


Rib Mountain Wausau Wisconsin Wedding

When your dad smelled your mother’s foot

Central Wisconsin Wedding Photo

When he almost didn’t make it back to shore


Mom and daughter at wedding holding hands

Your mother’s last words to you before you married the man of your dreams.


Wausau Wedding Great Dane

When grandma got her groove on

bride kidding groom in rain

When it started to rain but you didn’t care because you had everything you ever wanted

Wisconsin Bride Unique Dress

The passion behind this kiss

Eau Claire Wedding at baseball park photos

My grandfather’s kiss


How I meant every word

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Just cause…

Wisconsin Badgers Wedding Photo

When he sang me this song

Wedding photo

The last time they were all together

Fist look

How excited, terrified, and nervous I was until I saw her

UWSP Wedding

How he made me laugh

Central Wisconsin Wedding Photo

And how he made me cry

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

How incredible she looked

Willow Pond Wedding Waupaca Co

When he said you’ll always be “my little girl”

Wausau Wedding Great Dane

When we were all together again

The waterfront Wedding Photos

The way he held my hand

Wausau Wedding Great Dane

When he did the worm

Stevens Point Wisconsin Wedding

What an incredible day we had

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer




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