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Bella Zenn Medford Wisconsin Commercial Portraits James Stokes Photography

I had the honor of photographing the talented staff of the newly constructed Bella Zenn Salon Spa and Boutique here in Medford, Wisconsin this past week. These Commercial Portraits were done in their salon using only natural light. Here is a little about each of the girls:

Meet Chelsea…owner/stylist and lead esthetician of the Bella Zenn Salon Spa & Eco-Boutique! A naturalist from the beginning of her career & realizing the healthful benefits in her personal life, it was always Chelsea’s dream to live & work in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded with organic aromas & like-minded beauty “care” & wellness professionals. After a few years of experience in a traditional salon it quickly became a necessity to get back to the basics & get away from the harsher toxic products that had become the industry norm. That dream became reality in 2011 when the Bella Zenn Salon Spa was born & 18 short months later her husband, Jeremy co-owner of Doyle’s Inc, helped build Bella’s brand new home on 7th Street!! When Chelsea can peel herself away from the salon and it’s duties, she most enjoys spending time with Jeremy, their families, camping, running, connecting with their church family and friends, learning new healthful recipes and fitness tips and just pretending to be an interior designer at home of for others!

Meet Erin…multi-talented stylist & Bella’s dancing diva, except Erin is the furthest thing from a diva! When she’s not beautifying her faithful clients or spending time with her adorable daughter and husband (Eve & Vince) she is busy running a business of her own and living out another passion of hers, DANCE! Erin is the owner of the Feet-N-Motion Dance studio teaching all styles of dance to people ages 3 to 40 as well as coaching the high school dance team club. With her dedication to dance and fitness, it’s only natural that Erin enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle in her professional beauty career as well and is always inspiring and exchanging healthy recipes with the rest of us. Her always positive attitude only makes everyone want to be around her more!

Meet Vanessa…stylist & Bella’s lead massage therapist! Vanessa also happens to be Chelsea’s older sister and a huge reason she went into the beauty & wellness industry! Vanessa established a career as a successful massage therapist in Madison, WI working in eco-friendly salons and chiropractic clinics where her natural passion for serving others through a healing touch was matched with the concept of overall wellness through organic products and sources. She later decided to build on that concept by expanding her skills into cosmetology with a natural approach to beauty. She spends much of her time dreaming, creating & crafting ideas for Bella’s educational classes & writing the monthly wellness blog. When she isn’t volunteering time to the family business, she too has a Stampin’ Up career to release her creativeness! Besides that, Vanessa’s first and most desired role is being a mom to her two children, Ezra and Raina, and a loving wife to her husband Ryan spending a lot of time going to the library, sledding, taking walks and building their own garden!

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