From Light to Emulsion – to the digital era.

I started out with a Pentax k-1000 and some black and white film. I developed my own prints in a high school dark room. A family member gave me a Pentax Plus- which I still have and use today. Currently, most of what I do is EOS Canon digital, but some of these below are 35mm film. Can you tell the difference? Some say look at how far we have come with digital photography. It no longer takes a genius to operate a camera- allowing millions to own and opperate with ease.  SLRs have become much more easy to use in the last few years and have come down in price. People mention ISO/ASA or shutter speed and have no idea what you are talking about. All these things are now just lingo for those who still remember the good ole days- when good film was hard to find and photography was a life style. Not to say that this no longer exists, but it is rare- maybe making it all the more important to hold on to a little of the past



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