Personal Post: My Little Riv

With a baby shoot coming up, I have been spending some time playing around with my new lens the Canon 50mm 1.4 – I am very pleased to finally get my narrow depth of field. My Camera has a very high ISO rating about 6400, the Tiny Piano man was taken with very low indoor light with a high ISO. I have also been working on creating a 60s decade look in my photos with a modern overlay. A new thing in photography is covering your photos with wax and mounting them on wood. However, I am more intrigued by my new Metal prints. I have not ordered one yet, but I am excited to see a new medium for my work. I am contemplating making my studio sign out of one!
Wedding Season is just around the corner, but before I have a wedding one of my 2011 Senior Reps has their shoot here in Medford. I have been scoping out looking for new and fun places to shoot. Also, I recently ordered a circular polarizer for my 50mm lens. This is suppose to decrease glare, increase color saturation, and protect my lens.
Enjoy the photos below:
I am currently working on putting together a new product catalog for the summer. Pretty excited about my new lab. Very please with the free 8×10 prints I received.



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