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One of our favorite pastimes is digitally archiving our family’s photographs. We spend afternoons going through old albums, discovering a little piece of our past as we page through the old black and white photographs.

Years from now, when our children are grown, we hope to pull out our family albums and share with them the moments that defined our life. Katie and I will relive those stories with them and share a little about how they all came to be! This is just part of the goal of creating a family legacy for future generations to cherish and enjoy.

Katie and I believe that your memories deserve to printed and bound in a timeless classic album that will outlive your hard drive. Your wedding album is just the beginning. Have a life that is revered! Your family heritage started long before you said, “I Do!”

Wedding photography preserves the memories of a life that has been created by those closest to you. That is why we believe it is paramount to not only document families, but also create heirloom quality products that showcase both the history and emotion that are captured in those quiet and endearing moments with those we cherish most.

In a digital age, we find solace and refinement in the printed photograph. We take great satisfaction in the understanding that your handmade album will be seen, experienced, and preserved for generations to come. We offer an array of album options that ensure the preservation of your most important wedding day moments. We hope our pride in craftsmanship connects with couples who seek authentic, artful, imagery – and share our reverence for quality handmade albums.

All of our wedding albums are Flushmount albums, which means that your wedding images will be printed directly onto the album pages and can bleed off of the edge of the page and go straight across the center seam with no gap in the middle. The pages are thick and hard, so these are substantial books that are built with the latest in book binding technology.

We offer two different styles of albums – the Fabric Album and the  Leather Album – and they come in two different sizes – 10×10 or 12×12.

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Wedding Albums Redtree Wedding Albums Redtree Wedding Albums Redtree

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