We get it, dressing your children on a daily basis is hard enough, but then trying to coordinate outfits for family photos. Forget it! Unless you’re like us and you head to Target just about everytime we need to take a family photo. Here are a few quick tips from The Stokes on how to get the best results when it comes to planning for your family photos.

What to wear for photos? Dress kids photo

Nothing is worse than wearing clothes that make you feel uncomfortable and there is no better way to get your four-year-old daughter madder than a hatter than to make her wear something she hates. We recommend for families with children who are still of napping age, to schedule their session after nap time to avoid those “witching hours” we know so well in our home.

For us, we love all things grey and blue. I also happen to really love black and neutral whites and creams. While our home may be loud, we want our clothing to feel understated and classic for years to come. When choosing neutrals, opt for a brown tone for a warm color palette, or a gray tone for a cool color palate. Avoid wearing bright white because it will act as a light reflector and will draw the eye to whoever is wearing it.

What to wear for family photos?

Personally, I like a hint of patterns, especially when it is used as an accent piece. But be careful, patterns can add too much texture and distract. We like classic plads and simple elegant florals. Avoid trendy shapes that quickly will date your photo. Just think of your own cringe-worthy photos from 1990 when mom made you wear that hideous turtleneck and you had bleach blonde bangs.  Maybe that was just us…When kept in moderation, patterns can add interesting texture to an image and can bring out the personality of the person wearing it. Avoid matchy matchy outfits like the trend of everyone wearing jeans and white t-shirts. Also, a rule in the Stokhaus is that we do not wear overly branded clothes, this should apply for your family shoot too. We don’t want to distract from your face. and the Nike Swoosh does not need to be in your family portraits. We can talk about it when you’re a senior and you want to do sports photos. Maybe.

How to have fun with family photos

Since we’re located in Medford, many of our family portrait sessions take place with a Northwoods background, thus we recommend not wearing green. We want you to stand out from the background. We like to contrast the environment. One of the best ways to choose your color palette is to first determine if your photo shoot environment has cool or warm tones. For example, an orchard in the fall has yellow, orange, and red warm tones; a beach in the spring has blue, green, and white cool tones.

what to wear for family photos

Furthermore, what are your plans for your photos? Hopefully, you print them and have them hung in your home for years to come. Our walls are very neutral and most of our prints are black and white, but if you want some color in your home make sure the end result fits the decor and color theme of your home. For more simple Do’s & Don’t check out the link below. Also, check out our Pinterest Page for more suggestions.



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