Even though Summer is one of the biggest wedding seasons of the year, we can still expect to be seeing a lot of Fall and Winter weddings on the horizon. Whether you’re in the midst of planning a wedding yourself or are helping your best friend plan theirs, we all want every wedding to be a memorable celebration. Here are some unique wedding ideas to make your wedding an event to remember! 


Have Your Pet Involved

For animal lovers out there who can’t stand the idea of getting married without their fur baby by their side, make an effort in including them on your wedding day. You can choose to have your animal serve as ring bearer, be beside you at the altar or just put him in the crowd as one of your guests. Not only will this be extra special for all animal lovers, but your pet will be a great addition to your wedding photos. 

Have From Where You Come From 

Did you grow up in Texas with the best nachos out there? Are you from New England where the oysters are also so fresh and delicious? Incorporate food based off where the two of you come from. This can be included in your appetizers or added into your dinner menu. Given that many of your guests will be familiar or have lived in the same area as you once before, this will mean a lot to them as well and will add a special homage to your hometowns. 

Have Cocktail Napkins with Fun Facts

Is there a special song that the two of you share? Or a fun story about how your partner or you proposed? Add a personal touch to your cocktail napkins with a fun fact about you and your partner’s relationship. Not only will this serve as a funny and personal anecdote for your guests, but it will also add a more personal touch to your overall wedding experience. 

Set Up a Tasting Bar

Are you and your partner both big fans of beer or wine? Set up a fun tasting bar with some of your favorite drinks and have your guests do a tasting of each kind. They’ll appreciate the different varieties offered and it will definitely serve as a fun reception activity. 

Incorporate Colors into Your Wedding Look

As all eyes are on the bride as she walks down the aisle, incorporate different colors into your wedding day look for some added flair. This can be with including colored feathers into your hair, having a colored veil or having brightly colored jewelry such as emerald, red or yellow. You can even go as far as to dye parts of your tresses fun hair colors using a color conditioner such as this! No matter how you choose to add in more color, spicing up your hairstyle with additional colors will be just the thing that your guests remember. 

Offer your Guests Comforts 

Everyone loves a romantic outdoor wedding. But with chilly weather on the horizon, if you’re planning on marrying outdoors, offer each of your guest’s blankets, shades, and/or umbrella’s. The weather will always vary but doing something thoughtful for your guests will be much appreciated and keep them as cozy and as comfortable as possible. Whatever comforts you decide to use can also serve as part of your wedding favors, giving your guests something that’s always a necessity and something guaranteed they’ll use again. 

Skip the Buffet for a Traditional Family Style Dinner

Are you planning on having a really intimate wedding? If so, skip the buffet or the typical three-course dinner and opt for a traditional family-style dinner instead. Doing so will only make your wedding feel that much more intimate and will have all your guests interacting with one another. 

Custom Jewelry

One of the best ways to say thank you is with a personalized gift. What better than a diamond bracelet for those closest to you. Moms are a huge part of a wedding day and sometimes they can feel lost in the shuffle. Jewelry is a unique way to make your wedding unique and add a little extra sparkle in the eyes of those you love!

Skip the Place Cards

Instead of using paper place cards, write the name of each guest’s spot on the reception table itself. Depending on the kind of wood or fabric used for your reception tables, you can do this with chalk or paint. This will be a fun game for your guests to play and will definitely serve as a unique take on traditional place cards. 

Skip the Menu Stationery

The same can go for your menu stationery. If you want to do something different besides traditional menu cards, use something like charcuterie boards instead! You can etch each board with a calligraphed version of what your guests can expect to see on the menu. This will be a nice intimate touch especially if you’re planning on having a more rustic themed wedding. 

Spice up the Traditional Guestbook

Even though we often see a guestbook at weddings, more times than not, they end up stashed in the back of a closet and rarely again looked at. If you want to make your version of a guestbook actually memorable and something you’ll admire often, use something different than the traditional guestbook. If you’re both big fans of wine, have your guests each sign a wine cork that’s made into a romantic sign like a heart or of you and your partner’s name. If in need of more ideas, here are some more unique guest book ideas for couples! 

Give Your Guests Recommendations

Are you having your wedding in a beautiful and touristy town? After the wedding is over, set up your guests with a fun scavenger hunt or a list of places they should try to visit. Whether it’s restaurants, bars, museums or some decent shopping areas, this will give your guests the chance to enjoy the town and see everything it has to offer. 

Have to Go Cake Boxes

Oftentimes, your guests always go the most in on the entrees, appetizers, and cocktails that they hardly have any more room for dessert. Since it often seems as if the cake is the least eaten thing and the biggest of the entire wedding, give each one of your guests to go cake boxes! This will be much appreciated by your guests and also not leave you and your partner with a massive amount of leftovers.


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