In some cultures, they say rain signifies blessing from the heavens. If we are to believe that, then we can say Brittney and Jake’s wedding was truly blessed because oh, boy, did it rain that day on their wedding day.  It’s as if the heavens above don’t want to stop blessing the lovely newly-weds, who are about to start their long married lives together. With the sun and rain as witnesses.

Country Chapel was the perfect venue for this couple’s wedding, with their closest family and friends present to celebrate the day with them. Jake, even with his experience of serving in the military, was trying hard to compose himself while waiting for her bride to appear. He was teary-eyed when he saw his lovely bride walking towards him. And who could blame him? Brittney was radiant that day in her beautiful wedding dress being walked down the aisle partly by her father and the second half with her grandfather.

At the reception at High Cliff Banquet & Event Center, laughter and tears of joy were abundant in that intimate celebration. Brittney’s gorgeous daughter, Lyla, hugged her mom tight. Even at such a young age, she knew how special that day was for her mom. Brittney’s parents, Dawn and Mike, gave heartfelt and endearing speeches that left everyone full of love and hope for the married couple.

The couple, together with their wedding entourage, headed out with us for photos at High Cliff Park with Lake Winnebago in the background. Just before sunset, we found a lone willow across the golf course that called our name.

From Brittney and Jake, their friends and family, and everyone there who witnessed that memorable day, the wedding was full of radiant smiles, laughter, and happy tears.

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