Something new, something useful, something personalized—these can very well be the theme of your bridesmaid gifts. Such presents show your gratitude to your friends, sisters, or relatives whose presence and help in your wedding have been most helpful. 

Selecting gifts for your lovely bridesmaids is not meant to be super easy. But it doesn’t have to be incredibly hard either. This list of the best personalized bridesmaid gifts may just be what you need.


Dainty Hankie 

Lace handkerchiefs are elegant keepsakes for yourself as the bride, the bridesmaids, and other members of the bridal party. These dainty things are pretty handy to wipe away happy tears during the ceremony or keep sweat from ruining one’s makeup.  

Personalize each handkerchief to bear the recipient’s initials or role in the ceremony. To help you visualize their prettiness, look at these ladies’ handkerchiefs for customization. 

In addition to being nice-looking and soft, linen hankies serve a practical purpose. What you are about to give to your bridesmaids are functional and ethereal gifts. 



Personalized Jewelry 

 Jewelry adds sparkle to every bridesmaid’s ensemble, and its use extends beyond the wedding day.

Something exquisite and sparkling with pearls, diamonds, or gems is indeed fine to give, but buying jewelry is tricky. There’s the wearer’s personality who may not be fond of accessories, and there’s the price and where it fits into the whole wedding budget.

Thankfully, you can find reasonably priced and customizable jewelry with the help of charms, initials, or pendants of personal significance. You can do this with chain necklaces, bracelets, anklets. Rings can also be engraved with the name of your BFF. For earrings, it can be of different styles, such as studs, huggies, or chandelier earrings, with a common theme or color. 

Don’t forget the customized jewelry case. 


Custom Phone Case

This gift idea would surely bring out smiles and cute reactions every time they see it, which is every day.

Create personalized phone cases for your bridesmaids. And for this, you only need two things to accomplish this project: 

  • Phone model of the giftee 
  • Pictures


Expect to allot time browsing photo albums, social media feeds, and your smartphone gallery to find the most iconic photos for this project. Be sure no one knows about your plans.  

Personalizing protective phone cases with names, monograms, or quotes is possible too. Whether it is a single picture, a collage, a monogram, design a unique phone case for a special person in your life. 


Framed Photo or Sketch 

It’s customary to give out bridesmaid gifts on the eve of the wedding day, but this gift can take time and will have to wait.

For each bridesmaid, select the best photo of them (or the group) on your wedding day or pre-wedding shoot, and send it as a keepsake. Alternatively, if you have an artist friend, commission them for a sketch or drawing and have it framed.

Either way, your bridesmaids will have a great photo or artwork and have something sweet to remember your wedding by.


Clutch Bag 

This handheld bag is a staple bridesmaid gift for many reasons. It’s a versatile accessory for bridesmaids, complementing their dresses during the ceremony or reception should they change outfits. More importantly, the clutch is all for storing the important stuff, handkerchief, phone, lipstick, mask, and all.  

Consider getting the lady’s clutches, which can be beaded or patterned, and personalized. Owing to their popularity, you will find numerous inspirations and ideas for customizing your bridesmaid clutch, purse, or something similar.

Aside from the design, look into the sturdiness of the bag. This is to protect the contents and prevent fashion-related mishaps during the wedding.

Photo by Mel Poole from Unsplash


Tote Bag

It can be more convenient to have a bigger bag to carry more stuff, and a tote bag can be that. Think of tote bags as something your bridesmaids can use while on vacation on an idyllic island or for daily errands.

Of course, you can incorporate your style or that of your wedding’s motif in designing the custom bags. Personalize each with your bridesmaid’s name, monogram, initials, or line art. 

If you want to put extra gifts in the bags, a self-care kit and a handwritten thank-you note would be lit. 


Gift Box 

It’s fitting to end this list with a gift box specially curated and made for your dear bridesmaids. Imagine their excitement upon receiving the package and seeing personalized presents.

When it comes to bridesmaid gift boxes, you can create your own with some of the previously mentioned gifts. DIY gift boxes are more personal because of the effort and thought put into everything, from the contents to the presentation. 

In addition to the suggested gifts above, here are items to include in the box:

  • Robe 
  • Pajamas
  • Sleep mask 
  • Candle
  • Mug
  • Tumbler 
  • Macarons
  • Chocolates

What you can’t express in many words, you can definitely show through deeds. Say thank you to your sisters for life through these handpicked and customized bridesmaid gifts.


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